ijji Reactor

The client you need to play Drift City, GunZ and more




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Reactor is the program you will need to play online games offered by ijji. The list of games based on ijji Reactor is large enough: Drift city, Atlantica, S.U.N., Soldier Front, GunZ,...

Ijji Reactor gives you easy access to all ijji games and news. In the right column we can see the games we have installed andwhich ones are not still installed. Login and enjoy a lot of games with thousands of people from all around the world.

Although the client itself doesn't install all the games, it gives easy access to all of them. We will be able to know everything related to the games we usually play and the games that are about to be released, as well as new promotions and offers.

Furthermore, it enhances the Internet connection and the games run much better than before. If you want to enter one of the largest online gamer communities, you'll need ijji Reactor. Get ready to play!
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